DOI: 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.23

Authors: Dr Michelle Burger, Johan Venter

Abstract:The number of older persons in South Africa and worldwide, is increasing at a steady pace. This study was aimed at investigating the Management of Retirement Centres’ Frail Care Facilities in Tshwane, South Africa. This included evaluating the way the management of Frail Care facilities are done, how it should be done and determining the main shortcomings. Empirical research involved structured interviews with managers of four different Frail Care facilities, and Care Workers working in, or who used to work in Frail Care facilities. All of them is or was actively involved in tending to the elderly in Frail Care facilities. The study looked specifically at the treatment of the residents in the facilities to determine if they are treated in a dignified way, in spite of not being able to fend for themselves anymore. The findings of the study highlighted the importance of proper management and control of Frail Care facilities but also indicated that the prescribed norms and standards are not always adhered to.

Keywords: component; Property management, Frail Care facilities, Retirement Centres, Elderly, South Africa.


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