DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT18

Authors: HK Chua and N. Hussin


Advancement in technology has created a host of new opportunities in the media particularly in advertising and marketing. This paper discusses the possibility of adopting contemporary information technology like Mobile Augmented Reality into advertising a product or service. The area of advertising is very wide which encompasses various types of media like television, radio, print and Internet coupled with the availability of new opportunities for Augmented Reality. Aprototype of can drink advertisement is developed to be evaluated. The context which is used in this research is in restrooms and public spaces using an Android mobile device. This is because restrooms are considered as one of the most overlooked media despite the fact that it could produce good results and hence, this paper investigates whether such a technology could be deployed in public places like the shopping mall, university campuses and bus terminals.

Keywords: augmented reality;mobile augmented reality; restroom advertisement; mobile advertisement

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