DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT16.13

Authors: Henda Chorfi Ouertani,  Monerah Mohammed Alawadh

Abstract: Technology becomes a powerful facilitator for students and teachers in improving their learning process. The support of technology in the learning process has an observant impact. Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) is a concept that introduces the use of technology in the learning process. Web Technology opens the door for developers to develop a convenience and usable resources over the internet. The proliferation of Web Technologies and the exploration of the possibilities of TEL led to the development of many learning solutions and recently to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs are capable of providing several ten thousands of learners with access to courses over the web. Nowadays, there are many MOOCs providers/platforms with different features and characteristics. This paper aims to study the top 5 MOOCs providers toward building MOOCs portal facilitating the courses search and recommending suitable ones. This paper studies MOOCs provider individually and then compare them together. At the end we find out the most suitable providers towards building our system on the top of them. Our system is currently under testing. In future work we will focus on its description and testing.

Keywords: MOOCs; MOOCs providers/Platforms; Online Lerner; e-Learning; Recommender System.

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