DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.10

Authors: Linda Ng, Assoc. Prof Stephanie Fox-Young, Dr Anthony Tuckett, Dr Robert Eley and Dr Victoria Kain


Nursing education is a dynamic process designed to enable nurses to competently meet the healthcare needs of society. Health system restructuring has been associated with diminishing postgraduate specialist nursing numbers worldwide. Valid instruments that monitor and evaluate nurses’ attitudes to gauge educational barriers and facilitators are a central component in planning effective education, and have been unavailable. Overall both the CE and the RNs ranked the NATPGE, using the CVI, as a realistic training platform that would be useful for evaluating RNs’ attitudes towards postgraduate education. The comments received from the CE resulted in some minor changes to the wording of some items for better clarity and simplicity. No particular concerns were raised about any of the items by the CE. The CE was agreeable that the items were arranged in a positively and negatively worded sequence, which was intentional as to prevent response bias. The present research indicates very good content and face validity and whilst the test-retest reliability overall was moderate, several individual questions did have poor kappa values.

Keywords: Registered Nurses, Postgraduate education, Psychometric scales

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