DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.113

Authors: Meegoda1 MKDL, Fernando DMS, Sivayogan S, Atulomah

The study was conducted to explore the experiences of adult cancer patients with regard to meeting their palliative care needs and satisfaction to maintain their quality of life during hospitalization. Qualitative study design was employed to explore experiences of patients with regard to meeting the palliative care needs and satisfaction. The target population for this study was patients at National Institute of Cancer, Maharagam (NICM), Cancer Home (CH), Maharagama, Shantha Sevana Hospice (SSH) and Ceylinco Oncology Unit (COU), Colombo, Sri-Lanka. Purposive sampling technique was used to select participants. In-depth interviews were conducted using validated interviewer guides. Trustworthiness of the qualitative study was maintained. Data saturation was reached at 16 in-depth interviews with patients. Phenomenologicalhermeneutic approach was followed to analyze qualitative data and thematic analysis was performed. Data analysis was done concurrently with data gathering. The identified main themes were caring, seeking more information and experiencing psychosocial support. Palliative care needs of adult cancer patients were well identified by the nurses and the level of satisfaction of patients regarding provision of physical and psychological care was high. However, the study showed that patients need more information, counseling and homely environment to maintain their quality of life.

Keywords: Palliative Care, Cancer, Need Assessment, Satisfaction


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