DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.41

Authors: Dr Alison Baverstock

Abstract: This paper examines the fast-growing, but previously little studied area of self-publishing and is based on a program of initially qualitative, and later quantitative, research. It explores how, in the context of technological change and the emergence of new methods of dissemination, authors keen to share material sought to do so without the support of the traditional mediator between content and audience, the publishing industry. The self-publishing authors’ motivations and objectives are examined and revealed as various, and often not as assumed previously by the traditional industry. Their management of the complexities involved in the preparation and dissemination of material is considered; in particular, their attitude to the ethical and legal responsibilities that accompany publishing which are managed by publishers within the traditional industry. Finally, the paper suggests possible future developments within this area, and makes suggestions for related research.
Keywords: component; self-publishing; publishing; publishing services; author; content provider


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