DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.40

Authors: D.Kannamma, A.Meenatchi Sundaram


The process of rapid urbanization has caused serious concern over environmental issues of cities. Studies relating to urban heat and microclimate are gaining importance only in the very recent time. The microclimatic study of urban outdoors need serious attention. Unlike the indoor environment, where comfort can be achieved by active or passive means, outdoor environmental comfort is seldom a challenge. This paper focuses on analysing the contribution of Aspect Ratio of urban canyons on the outdoor microclimatic stress. Numerical modelling technique is employed in quantifying the microclimatic stress condition using ENVImet 4.0. The microclimatic stress is measured using thermal index Physiological Equivalent Temperature (PET).The simulated results were compared with the results of questionnaire survey.

Keywords: Urban Canyon; Aspect ratio;outdoor microclimatic stress; numerical modelling

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