DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.47

Authors: Dr Rasika S. Jayasekara and Dr Thamara D. Amarasekara


Background In Sri Lanka, pre-registration nursing education is moving from diploma level to a university bachelor degree in consistent with many countries around the world. In this transitional stage, understanding of the evolution and existing situation of nursing education in Sri Lanka provides perspective on the origins of current successes and dilemmas, and enables the development of strategies and plans for future trends in the profession. Method The literature search was conducted using MEDLINE and CINAHL and limited to articles in the English and Sinhala languages publication until 2014. Personal communication, unpublished reports and government records and web sites were used to obtain information on nursing education in Sri Lanka. The reference list of all identified reports and articles was searched for additional studies. Hand searching of relevant Sri Lankan journals and government reports was undertaken to reveal any additional literature. Discussion This review explores evolution and existing situation of nursing education and its impact on developing professionalism in nursing. Major challenges for the nursing profession in Sri Lanka are discussed with some recommendations, enabling the identification and development of an appropriate policy direction.

Keywords: Nursing, Education, Curriculum development, Evidence based practice, Sri Lanka

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