DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR16.10

Authors: Dr. Tamer Mohamed Atef and Dr. Masooma Al-Balushi

Abstract: The cruise industry has grown and continues to grow enormously in scale. An escalating number of countries and regions depend economically on it. Cruising can be categorized into: main stream cruising (ocean and sea), and river cruising. The cruise vacations once limited to the wealthy is now within reach of a much broader customer base. Prices vary by time of year, itinerary and level of luxury. It is the kind of holiday that gives a flavor of each country, an opportunity to get to know more about cultures, people, and to experience authentic tourism. Onboard everything is organized for the comfort of passengers, additionally, there is no need to pack and unpack every time a new destination is reached; an advantage enjoyed by various customer segments and specifically by senior passengers, the boat is a moving hotel that goes to everywhere passengers are going to. Since the mid-1990s, cruise ship activity to Oman began its steady rise to its key ports: Salalah Port in Dhofar, Sultan Qaboos Port in the capital Muscat, and Khasab Port of Musandam Peninsula. This study aims to explore the Omani cruising market in view of the worldwide cruise industry dynamics. To achieve the aim of the study two objectives were identified: •To portrait the worldwide cruise line industry•To assess cruise tourism status in Oman The current study contributes to the literatures on cruising, provides all concerned parties with an overview of what cruising entails and paves the way towards a better understanding of Omani cruising market potentials.

Keywords: cruise line industry, Oman, itinerary, cruising impacts.

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