DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_453

Authors: Paul Bourke


Virtual reality and gaming within a hemispherical dome provides an enhanced sense of immersion due to the engagement of the viewers peripheral vision. This sense of immersion would be enhanced further if depth perception was provided by engaging the viewers stereopsis capability. While this is well understood for flat displays, it is somewhat more challenging for a hemispherical display. In the following I discuss and derive the optical requirements for stereoscopic projection into hemispherical domes, this is applicable to both large scale domes (such as planetariums) and smaller personal domes. It is the development of the later smaller domes, referred to as the iDome, that employ a new lower cost projection system [1] that has been the motivation for this work. Primarily the discussion focuses on how to create optimal omni-directional stereoscopic fisheye pairs, that is, stereoscopic projections that are largely independent of the view direction (do not require head tracking) and the number of viewers.

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