DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_484

Authors: Thomas Westin, Stig Nordeson


The concept of Operative Series (OpS) was developed as a carrier mechanism for game accessibility and AI in our award-winning 3D game Terraformers. The problem we are investigating is the possibility to isolate and identify abstract operative patterns from a given algorithmic setting, embedded with fixed control-flow structures and hard wired call-maps. From the viewpoint of a computer game scenario, you need just in time solutions for context-based situations, which need to be generated on the fly. Further, it needs to be distributed in a way that makes decision process logic available to a set of various game objects. This is often solved with complex AI frameworks where truly platform independent scheduling and serialization is difficult to achieve. The result is a code library for OpS, which has proven to work in a commercial 3D game, comprising a sequencer mechanism and a modular data structure. By virtue of a modular data form, the OpS makes of procedural logic an entity, which can be communicated across address space boundaries. This makes OpS the perfect vehicle for carrying AI solutions and offer the means to form program constructs amenable to serialization and scheduling.

The conclusion is that the OpS provides a solution to the problem with an easy to implement approach, which is platform independent, and is also well suited to be used in conjunction with Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

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