ISBN: 978-981-08-8644-8

Authors: Luis O. Miranda, Javier Cordova, Joel M. Quiles and S. Kami Makki


Over the years, many efficient algorithms, or strategies, have been proposed for the Mastermind game, some to minimize the average number of turns that requires a particular strategy to guess the secret code of the game and some to minimize the maximum number of turns to guess the secret code. Also, many versions of the game have been discussed, and more can be made by changing more colors and pegs to make the game easier or harder to win. The purpose of this research is to present computational results from the implementation of some of the most efficient strategies presented in the literature. We compared the effectiveness of the strategies for different game versions. In each case, it can be determined which strategy is optimal.

Keywords: Algorithm; Entropy; Logik; Mastermind; Optimal; Strategy

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