DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_079

Authors: Pongsthorn Prasertamporn, Vishnu Kotrajaras


An input device for video games has always been limited to a joypad until the introduction of Nintendo Wii, which allows motion control. However, most games still require players to hold a controller in their hands in order to detect their motions in three dimensions. For controller-less motion detection, there were attempts to detect human motion in three dimensions using wireless cameras installed inside the Wii controllers to detect infrared tracking points. The Wii cameras have a very high response time. However, the number of points detectable by each camera is limited to four. Utilizing more than four tracking points therefore becomes a problem. This paper presents a low cost implementation of a human motion sensing system based on the Wii camera, with no limitations on the number of tracking points. We use a microcontroller board to generate a sequence of signals that identify tracking points. The synchronization allows the system to track many targets at once. Utilizing known relative distances between points and Kalman filter, the system can capture human movement and control a game character without additional hardware.

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