DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm17.12

Authors: Nurul Hidayah Mat

Abstract: Malaysia is one of the largest maritime countries located in Southeast Asia and one of the most biologically diverse in the world. The marine environment is fundamental to the Malaysian livelihood, human sustenance and economic growth due to its rich natural resources as well as the diversity of its ecosystems. Therefore, human activities; including overexploitation, food consumption, tourism, as well as any other economic activities are found to have significant impacts on the ocean, and are considered as a major contributor to marine life extinction. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure the continuity of a sustainable marine ecosystem while preventing any possible extinction. It was mentioned in [1] that “the loss of biodiversity is rarely appreciated by the public; a lack of information and data on the change is a major element”. Following that, this study asserts that documentary plays a crucial role in changing public’s perception, which is more than just to educate the viewers. They also present controversial events [2], inform the public, and influence proenvironmental behavior among its viewers [3]. Apart from that, they have the ability to encourage collaborations between many responsible parties in highlighting complex issues about the ecosystem and the communities [4], grab people’s attention on the importance of marine life [5] and disseminate scientific discoveries about the marine life [6]. Thus, this study focuses on a theoretical background that discusses and analyses the pedagogical functions of a conservation documentary film through the persuasion, rhetorical, technological and distribution strategy that constitute the educational mechanism of a documentary. This gives an in-depth explanation about the pedagogical functions of a documentary in representing human and non-human relation in raising marine life conservation awareness among the public

Keywords: Pedagogy, Documentary, Marine Life Conservation, Environmental Awareness


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