DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_082

Authors: Damitha Sandaruwan, Nihal Kodikara, Chamath Keppitiyagama, Rexy Rosa, Gayan Kanchana


This paper presents the development of a real-time perception enhanced virtual environment for maritime applications which simulates six degrees of freedom ship motions pitch, heave, roll, surge, sway, and yaw. In this virtual environment perception is enhanced by developing tiled panoramic visualization system which covers 300 degree angle of view and it simulates naval vessels, moving or fixed targets, and cultural objects, scenes of navigation areas, various environmental effects and conditions. This system can be used for both entertainment and educational applications such as consol level computer games, teaching and learning applications and various virtual reality applications. Especially we can use this frame work for create immersive multi user environments.

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