DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC16.39

Authors: Gerry Silaban, Umi Salmah, Arfah Mardiana Lubis

Abstract: Roles, functions and responsibilities of nurses are very important in the ER (Emergency Room). However, General Hospital Deli Medan does not meet the standards of the Key Performance Indicator for ER. Therefore, the performance assessment system needs for emergency nurses were compiled based on competence, so that all nurses in ER are able to give a good performance. Documents and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is used for this qualitative descriptive study. This study aims to design a emergency nurse competency-based performance appraisal system at Deli Medan. 14 participants were selected to join the FGD on 22 May 2015 until 3 June 2015. Content analysis is used for document data and thematic analysis of the data FGD. Results of the data analysis of the document, performance assessment are based Trait-Focused, Task-Focused and Competency-Focused Performance Dimension. Data analysis FGD, nurse competence emergency in Deli Medan is the impact and influence, developing others, interpersonal understanding, self confidence, self control, organizational commitment, expertise, customer service oriented, team work, analytical thinking, conceptual thinking, initiative, flexibility, directiveness and achievement orientation. We suggest management use performance assessment sheets that have been prepared at least once in 6 months.

Keywords: performance assessment, competency, emergency nurse

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