DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC14.55

Authors: Marnie Slonim

Abstract: This case report illustrates a unique presentation of a female with a 30cm fungating right breast mass, who was aware of its rapidly increasing size over three years, but avoided obtaining medical aid. The patient eventually presented due to a sudden escalation of symptoms in her breast. She underwent a right mastectomy. Histology revealed that the tumour was a fibroadenoma with elements of malignant Phyllodes tumour. Analysis of the clinical presentation, past history, assessment and medical outcome of this patient are included in this case report. An association between the patient’s avoidance of medical attention and her role as full time carer for her disabled daughter as well as financial stresses are discussed. The epidemiology, diagnosis and management of Phyllodes breast tumour are also included in the case report.

Keywords: breast, cancer, avoidance, healthcare, medical, phyllodes, tumour

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