DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.102

Authors: Alaa Abdou, Mousa Al Dghaimat


Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is defined as the process of undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of a building after it is occupied. Its main purpose is to measure its users’ satisfaction with its performance and determine whether or not the building fulfils the objectives of its original design. The main aim of the research work presented in this paper is to carry out a POE process to a private school in the UAE. The study is guided by a comprehensive literature review to identify the methods and techniques for implementing POE in general and for educational buildings in particular. A proposed criteria for POE is presented, which consist of two main parts: technical evaluation, and occupants’ perception measurement. The POE process commenced with the analysis of existing base drawings, and a Walk through observational technique to provide a closer investigation and to reveal aspects of interior design that could be further improved to better serve the users. It is expected that the result of this research project will raise the awareness of integrating the concept of POE within the facility management processes as well as feed forward the positive and negative lessons learned to improve the design of current and future educational buildings in the UAE.

Keywords: Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE), Function Performance Specifications, Walk through, Educational Buidings.

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