DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm14.35

Authors: Professor (Dr.) Santosh Kumar Tewari


USA and Canada and India are among the seven largest countries of the world in terms of their areas. At present Canada is the largest country on this earth. A considerable part of this paper is on the working of the Ontario Press Council, Canada. In that country provincial press councils exist and Ontario is the largest province there. Of all the Canadian press councils, Ontario Press Council is most active one. The paper indicates that a significant aspect of the press self-regulation in Ontario is to resolve more and more complaints against newspapers in an informal manner than formally adjudicating them. This paper suggests that for a large country like Canada, provincial press councils are more suitable than a national one. The Ontario Council enjoys the confidence of the press, which is evident from the fact that a considerably large number of newspapers and magazines are its contributing members. The paper further reveals that the success of Minnesota News Council in the USA largely depends on the fact that its jurisdiction is limited to only one state of the country. The paper suggests that India should also have provincial level voluntary press councils. At present India has a statutory press council at the national level which is largely funded by the government of the country. The statutory Press Council of India does not enjoy the confidence of the main stream press of the country. Moreover, the number of complaints with the Council has not increased over the years, though the circulations of newspapers have increased manifold during the last ten years.

Keywords: Alberta Press Council, Carole Farber, David Spencer, Eenadu, Indian Readership Survey 2013, Mel Sufrin, Minnesota Press Council, National News Council, Ontario Press Council, Peter Desbarats, Press Council of India, Quebec Press Council, Richard P. Cunningham, Shastri Fellowship, University of Western Ontario, Windsor Media Council


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