DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC17.27

Authors: N.A.R Nettasinghe And K. Samarasinghe

Abstract: The aim of the study was to explore the experience of student nurses about their psycho - social learning environment. The quality of the learning environment is vital for the delivery of quality training as there is a proven connection between the environment and a valuable outcome of students´ achievements, satisfaction and success. Although there is much evidence globally about evaluating nursing and other health care professionals’ learning environment and psycho-social experiences there is no such evidence within the Sri Lankan nursing field. The study has a qualitative descriptive design. Data was collected through focus group discussions (FGDs) and individual semi structured interviews from final year nursing students in two Schools of Nursing in Western and Southern province in Sri Lanka. Manifest and latent content analysis method was used in analysing the data. Findings of the study showed that supportive supervisors, students’ cohesion and social activities influenced students’ motivation, satisfaction and confidence thus empowering nurse students in preparing them for their nursing profession. In contrast, theory practice gap, non-supportive supervisors, lack of facilities discouraged and disempowered them making them feel insecure and frustrated. It making them de-motivated and fed up with their nursing education as a consequence. An empowering learning environment which strengthens the nurse students´ selfconfidence and motivation to learn is therefore a necessity in order to facilitate nurses who can deliver a professional nursing care.

Keywords: Qualitative, content analysis, psychosocial learning environment, nurse students, experiences, focus group discussions, individual interviews, Sri Lanka


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