Authors: Michele Trimarchi, Federica Antonucci and Valeria Morea


Because of a wide range of benefits, cultural initiatives are often supported by the action of politics and public administration. A contradiction often emerges, when public and private forces do not work with synergy. Bottom up initiatives such as art events, performing arts, new cultural spaces are funded by public institutions through European or National calls. Politics tends to interfere with decisions in the cultural realm, looking at short term results but leaving aside cultural democracy. Moreover, dealing with public administration may bring inefficiencies and waste of resources. Politics should answer to citizens’ needs through a clever negotiation with private forces, avoiding a meddling of roles. An eloquent experience has been examined in Terni (Italy) where a fruitful cooperation between public and private forces gives a virtuous cultural hub and museum both to the resident community and the external visitors.

Keywords: political economy, cultural economics, public decision-making processes.


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