DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.04

Authors: Chin-Hung Teng and Bing-Shiun Wu


QR Code is a universal 2D bar code and it has been widely used in communicating information. However, current QR Code applications are quite limit. They often treat the QR code as a URL and then immediately direct the browser to open the website. As the popularity of QR Code, more QR Code based applications are gradually emerged. QR Code based augmented reality (AR) is such an application which treats a QR Code as the marker of an AR system. This QR Code based AR can greatly extend the capability of traditional AR technologies from a personal use purpose to a public domain application. In view of its future potential, this paper investigates two QR Code based AR technologies and presents an experiment to compare their performance under different situations. An application of QR Code based AR is also presented, which demonstrates its possible future applications and its unlimited possibility.

Keywords: QR Code; augmented reality; QR code based augmented reality

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