DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.101

Authors: Scholeh Abedini, Stefan Schäfer


The use of industrially prefabricated components is gaining an increasing importance in the construction industry. The on-site assembly of finished components requires very high standards on their joining techniques. The currently explored technology of the Collaborative Research Centre 666 "Integral Sheet Metal Design with Higher Order Bifurcations - Development, Production, Evaluation" (CRC 666) has great potential to develop new and innovative joining techniques. With these new connection new product lines can be developed. Thereby the new cold forming processes of linear flow splitting and linear bend splitting are producing integral bifurcations. These techniques have improved material properties due to an ultra-fine grained (UFG) structure in the new shaped flange. Based on selected conventional joining techniques new joining techniques were developed. Then these representative selected joining techniques are assessed qualitatively in terms of previously defined evaluation criteria. After comparing the conventionally and newly developed joining techniques, the favored solutions were discussed critically and constructive recommendations were drafted.

Keywords: Joining Techniques; Flow Splitting; Flow Bending; Sheet Metal Panels; Prefabrications; Ultra Fine-Grained Structure; Steel Sheet;

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