DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR16.42

Authors: Kinanti Kusumawardani Taufik


As modes of governance, networks and hierarchies do not exist independently of each other, but are rather found in a patchwork of different combinations. Both modes interweave in flux, reflecting varied compositions that are unique to each different actor(s), social system, and issue being addressed. Political activity and interactions in both the international and transnational spheres, as well as in between the two spheres, constitute the space for advocacy. This article seeks to focus on the kinds of interactions that exist between the two spheres by analysing how networks and hierarchies foster engagement among actors as they take part in processes to further their respective norms and interests in world politics. The intersecting dimensions between networks and hierarchies reflect both the physical and cognitive borders to which transnational actors attach themselves – the space for advocacy – and how their interactions are constantly redefining this space.

Keywords: transnational advocacy, space for advocacy, networks, hierarchies, governance

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