DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.83

Authors: Sining Wang


This paper studies the workflow of a digital designed clay brick architecture in China’s rural area, and illustrates the capability of “low-tech” implementations in coping with vernacular circumstances. It starts by introducing the universal digital trends in digital architecture, as well as the rise of Chinese digital generations. Analyses of the current Chinses industrial and socio-economic environment followed, which explains the necessity of adaptive regional solutions. Then the paper breaks down the workflow of this research project, discusses how computation power involved in project phases and responded to in-process errors. The conclusion affirms that digital architecture is enhancing architects’ design flexibility and procedural controllability; and the feasibility of the “low-tech” materialization strategy in the China’s rural context.

Keywords: China; digital architecture; clay brick; “low-tech”; workflow


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