DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC16.46

Authors: Yuh-Jue Chuang, Hsiu-Hui Yang

Abstract: Nursing ability and organizational commitment are significantly correlated to job satisfaction. Nurses’ practical training provided by hospital will be able to enhance their ability and job satisfaction and increase retention rates. Especially in new employee turnover problems, strengthen training helps new staff in all aspects of learning, work morale, productivity and the identity of organization. This study aimed to understand the status of new nurse education training implemented by medical institutions, as well as explore the relationship between the nursing ability and human resource development (including organizational commitment, job satisfaction) of staff education training implementation. The research further explores the effectiveness of education training on new nurses with different backgrounds (such as work departments, educational attainment, seniority, etc.). In this study, new nurses from a medical center in Northern Taiwan are as the research object, we use data analysis and questionnaire to explore the effectiveness of the training for new staff. The results of this study will provide the nursing supervisor as a reference to adjust education training content. Education training should be converted to a qualitative improvement, enhance professional competence, quality of care, and increase employees' loyalty.

Keywords: new nurses; education training; nursing ability; organizational commitment; job satisfaction

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