DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm16.66

Authors: Duppala Praharshita

Abstract: Environmental reporting refers to systematic, holistic, progressive statements of environmental issues and how it is effecting the society, and the ecological imbalance of nature. Media is helping many organizations to reach out to the people in a wide and vast way. In this reporting the organizations should have a periodical comparison between different reporting periods within an organization as well as amongst other organizations. In this research work I will be collecting the data on the environmental reports based from the“ Deccan Chronicle”, which is the largest circulated and the no 1 English Daily in the entire South India. So, my aim is to focus on how the climatic and environmental changes are effecting the people, the nature and also how we should take responsibility to preserve the environment and understand the environment than letting it get more polluted. Though media itself tries to make the people aware about the environment, we have to keep in mind that living beings and environment are inter-dependent on each other.

Keywords: Media, Environment, Newspaper, Report.


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