DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.155

Authors: Zi-Han Wang, Yi-Fan Bi, Bi-Qi Chen and Chen-Feng Zhan

Abstract: Since the third-person effect proposed by Davison in 1983, numerous scholars verified the main hypothesis, which states that individuals are more likely to overestimate the effect of mass media messages on others attitudes and behaviors. Individuals exposed to a mass media messages will expect the information to have a greater effect on others than on themselves. Individual may take actions based on the effect of mass media messages on others. In this study, we start from a series of security events happened in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center from June to July 2015 to discuss the effect of influencing factor ‘possible audience’ on third-person effect. The investigation results show, in the gender question, third-person effect is affected by possible audience and the female is the possible audience in the report of security event. The results from the female are yield to our hypothesis.

Keywords: third-person effect, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center security event, the characteristics of ‘other people’, possible audience


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