DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.54

Authors: Shi Ligang and An Rongrong


With the implementation of ‘Chinese football reform plan’ from 2015,the construction of football stadium will boom. But football matches are often affected by strong wind. When against the wind or wind speed is too fast, football trajectory and speed will be affected while the judgment and athletes physical strength will decline. The primary intention of this research is to reveal the relationship between field wind environment and canopy shape. Firstly, this article investigates differences between football Stadium and comprehensive stadium, and classifies the football Stadium canopies into three types. Then builds a research model, sets climatic conditions in Beijing as typical boundary conditions, explores different canopy shape effects on field wind environment performance using CFD simulation. Finally puts forward football stadium wind environment optimization design strategies through systematic analysis. The research will deepen the design theory of football stadium, and it is of far-reaching practical significance to football stadium construction and windbreak renovation in the gale area .

Keywords: football stadium ; canopy shape; field wind environment;CFD simulation ; optimal design


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