DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.71

Authors: Dr.K.Suganthi

Abstract: The paper revisits Michael Ondaatje’s chosen texts to highlight the experiences of the immigrants and prove that the genre fiction is an effective medium that projects the voices of the marginalised especially the immigrants. Migration is an accepted order of the contemporary society. Postcolonial, postmodern and post -postmodern society reflect the inevitability of migration for various purposes. The historicized characters of the chosen novels redefine the inevitability of migration and being victimised. Bildungsroman genre provides the most fertile ground for thematizing and depicting the self-story. The revisited history of the chosen characters and their evolutionary growth is studied from the chosen texts to necessitate the need for humanism and consideration among human kind in the society.

Keywords: Immigrants, revisited history, self story, buildungsroman , Philosophy of life.


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