DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP13.25

Authors: Dr. Gireesh Kumar J and Prof. George K jose

A discussion over the rights of persons with disabilities is much required than ever before in very legal system of the world currently. It is evident from reports from the world media that, persons with disabilities have historically been treated separately, in institutions, in education, and other aspects of society; and despite good motives, they have been treated badly. Historically, the legal and social policies have directly discriminated against disabled persons and have failed to protect them from discrimination by private parties. Policy decisions based on prejudice and fear tend to jeopardize fair and humane treatment of disabled persons in community and institutional settings. Such inadequate social and legal protection for the disabled persons heightens the significance of the professional responsibility of social scientists and other health professionals to promote the welfare of persons with disabilities. Compared to the physically disabled, the case of people with mental disabilities, owing to their incapacity of having a reasonable understanding and rational judgments as to their rights, is more vulnerable as there is hardly any chance for anybody belonging to their own class to address their problem in a representative capacity.

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