DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L313.122

Authors: Dr. Shazi Shah Jabeen and K. Teja Priyanka Yadav

This paper is based on an exploratory research on visual communication. While the study broadly dealt with the role and significance of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation as an effective visual communication tool, it addressed more specific issues such as relationship between use of components of visual communication and teaching effectiveness, use of relevant image and their effectiveness in memory retention, and also the use of visual components in making classroom teaching more interesting. The study was conducted using questionnaires designed separately for instructors and students of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. A systematic analysis of data was done and chi-square method was applied to test relationship between variables under study. This study helps the faculty and students of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus to formulate better strategies and overcome their shortcomings, if any, to make effective and successful presentations.

Visual Communication, Microsoft PowerPoin, teaching effectiveness

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