DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT10

Authors: D. Rojas, J.J.H. Cheung, B. Cowan, B. Kapralos, and A. Dubrowski


Recently there has been a push in the use of immersive 3D virtual environments such as virtual simulations, and particularly serious games for education and training. An important component of any simulation activity (physical or virtual) is the debriefing session as it provides the learners/trainees the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and to reflect on their actions and the resulting outcomes. Debriefing is standard practice when considering physical-based simulation training but this is not necessarily the case when considering virtual simulations and serious games which are at many times available remotely/online. Here we describe the application of a social networking tool for serious games debriefing. The tool lends itself well to serious games, particularly those supporting multiple, remote players, as it takes advantage of the current generation of learners who are accustomed to social networking-type applications.

Keywords: Serious games, debriefing, social networking, game-based learning, distance learning

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