DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_483

Authors: David John Wortley, Oliver Goh


Technology developments in electronic games, virtual worlds and social network applications are increasingly being applied to serious social and economic issues and are breaking down the barriers between physical and virtual environments SHASPA is an innovative platform and set of services that a blend of emerging technologies such as wireless sensors, social networks, virtual worlds and electronic games can plug into to create applications which integrate, visualise, monitor and manage the physical and virtual environment. Today’s technologies in 3D immersive environments enable us to better visualise and understand the world around us and the SHASPA platform provides creative developers working on the integration of physical and virtual worlds to develop and share new applications which foster better energy management, greater understanding of physical processes and the creation of intelligent shared spaces capable of delivering high value services to individuals working in those spaces. This paper describes the SHASPA platform and the range of applications being developed which bring the power of games, virtual worlds and social networks to the physical environment.

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