DOI: 10.5176/2301-3761_CCECP.28

Authors: Fan Zeng, Son T. Nguyen, Daniel Z. Y. Tng, Clarisse Sabrina Lim Xue Ting, Jingduo Feng, Stephanie Neo Chu Ping, Hai M. Duong


To achieve a more sustainable society, energy related issues are likely to be the greatest of all the challenges facing human beings in the near future. Recently, graphene aerogels (GAs) have been paid great attention due to its novel properties, such as low density, high surface area and larger carrier mobility. However, the performance of GA-based electrodes strongly depends on the morphology and structure of the GAs. In our work, three-dimensional self-assembled graphene aerogels have been fabricated by mild chemical reduction with L-ascorbic acid and the effect of graphene oxide concentrations was systematically investigated.

Keywords: graphene aerogel; cotrolled morphology; binderless; reduction method

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