DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.25

Authors: Golnar Kiani, Rahinah binti Ibrahim


This paper presents the simulation of composite production in the layer by layer way in thickness of 0.1 mm as the Selective Laser sintering does. The simulation is excluding thermal special condition of SLS. This effort attempted to understand if the densification and production of the composite can be simulated by Ansys composite analysis option. This simulation can be considered as valid one if obtained results show good agreement with properties founded via experiment. Latterly the same procedure was performed upon the studied volume to evaluate stress and strain distribution of the composite over the selected construction. By performing this stage, the workability of material for constructional usage and also the process of production were validly illustrated. Finally, the obtained results were explained in details. The results from presented study showed that computational simulation can be employed to understand the full digitally production process of KCRP for constructional purposes.

Keywords: SLS concept, KCRP composite, simulation, Ansys, building industry

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