DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.24

Authors: Dr. Normen Langner and David Bewersdorff


The following paper describes the simulation based planning process for a recently built commercial building in Germany. Accordingly, both thermal and acoustic properties of the large open space working areas were simulated. First, it was necessary to design an energy efficient cooling concept for the open space areas with the thermally activated concrete ceiling. With regard to the shielding effect of the free-hanging acoustic units the thermal simulation (IDA ICE) determined internal heat loads and specified the cooling demand to ensure thermal comfort during summer times. In addition, the sound absorption of different free-hanging units was evaluated with an acoustical simulation (CATT-Acoustic). Thereby, the simulation based planning process ensured that even with a partly covered ceiling surface area the thermal and acoustical requirements of the open space working areas were fulfilled.

Keywords: Thermal simulation; acoustic simulation; TABS; open space working area; thermal comfort; acoustical comfort

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