DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm17.23

Authors: Wayan Weda Asmara Dewi, Fitria Avicenna

Abstract: This study identifies the motives of uploading Mount Bromo photos on Instagram as well as social interaction occurring as one of social commerce activities. Social commerce is a new stream of e-commerce as the emergence of social interaction in social media. The fact that Indonesia has the high number of social media user indirectly depicts how social interaction influences one another. Particularly, social media usage in the tourism sector that recently becomes a highly developing sector in Indonesia. This study focus on the tourism site called Mount Bromo. Regarding that, a qualitative research method was conducted. Interviews were performed to gather data from participants, who were chosen purposively. Results showed that Instagram’s users have two motivations in uploading Mount Bromo photos. First, as the intrinsic motivation, they want to share traveling experiences. Second, as the extrinsic motivation, they expect people’s reactions such as gaining likes and comments. The activities of uploading photo and responding feedback show individuals’ participation in online environment. It gives social support for others to adopt certain attitudes toward products or services such as traveling experience.

Keywords: motivation; social commerce; instagram; tourism; uses and gratifications


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