DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.37

Authors: Tang Jing-tai & Sun Li

Abstract: With the rise of new media, the agenda set-up process in emergent events shows fierce game trend among multiple subjects, and due to the resonance and diffusion effects strengthened, the propagation of abrupt affairs has been promoted to new level both in breadth and intensity. But below the differentiation in the field of public opinion, the official consensus guidance suffers concussion fully. In this new communication context, it’s essential to integrate multi-subjects and forge coalition; have the various distribution channels integrated and advance the multi-issues fusion by media convergence; conduct the integration of fact-guidance and value-guidance to knock through between the two field of public opinion by interactive issues, so as to grasp the dominance of agenda-setting and upgrade the guidance of public opinions.

Keywords: emergency; consensus guidance; integrated-issues management; social media


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