DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.50

Authors: Titilayo Remi Osuagwu

Abstract: Most research in social media has established the fact that the female gender has dominated the social media platforms. However, little concern is being given to why females are the avid users of social media. This is in addition to the assumption that females are just idling away on social media. This work examines the social media usage of university of Port Harcourt undergraduate females. The survey research design was adopted and questionnaire and interview served as the instruments of data collection. The work was anchored on the uses and gratifications and the social presence theories. Findings show that females In University of Port Harcourt have high level of awareness of social media and that females use social media for various reasons that ranged from making new friends and keeping in touch with brands and they use social media to make comments on friends’posts and on brands of their interests. This work recommends that females should use their social media dominance to advance more productive ventures like gender inequalities and violence against women. It also recommends that females should become more conscious of the benefits social media portend to their lives and leverage on it for business and professional advancements like their male counterparts.

Keywords: females, social media awareness use, gratifications social presence, brands, dominance.


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