DOI: 10.5176/2382-5677_PYTT13.26

Authors: Irina Protasenko


This paper views Bonapartism as a present-day event and analyzes the main conditions for its genesis. The author analyzes the analogy between Weimar Germany and Weimar Russia often seen in present-day literature. The author discusses the superficiality of this analogy and suggests introducing the term “Weimarization” into the scientific discourse as the definition of a system of purposeful actions aimed at creating and solidifying a particular socio-political and economical situation. The article discusses the destructive dynamics of revolutionary subjects (actors), and stresses the role of the elite in conditions of system crisis. The author updates the concept of “elite ressentiment” and introduces it into the scientific discourse, deciphering its actual meaning: the ressentiment of the ruling class is based on a reflection on its position and is one of the reasons for the “catastrophe from above”. The author stresses the growing significance of the phenomenon of Bonapartism in modern-day Russia and around the world.

Keywords: Bonapartism, system crisis, power, authority, weimarization, envy, ressentiment, elite, subject (actor), subjectness, subjectlessness, revolution from above

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