DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.17

Authors: Maria Jose Hernandez Serrano, Natália Gomes and Carlos Fonseca

Abstract: In an era known as the society of technology and knowledge, where lifelong learning is a way of life, it is important that educational institutions have as a priority the goal of finding effective ways of providing new learning opportunities according to their environment, student characteristics, teacher training, economic crisis and advancing technology in an effort to make learning more efficient, equitable and innovative in higher education. At Guarda Polytechnic Institute, Portugal (IPG), we recognize the need and the opportunities to create and develop new e-education courses (e-Learning, blended learning, mobile learning) in order to engage and motivate students according to their necessities. Thus, we have, in this last decade, developed and implemented a set of institutional objectives with regard to teaching electronic courses which aim to provide intuitive content courses online, easy to access anywhere in any place. This paper presents the outcomes and synthesizes the insights collected since the time when we implemented a mobile learning solution in March 2012. But the main objective of this paper is to present our strategies, vision and goals when we talk about electronic learning independently of is topology. We believe that “cloud learning” is the next step in the field of e-learning. This decade has taught us that some of the components used in the process of e-Learning require more attention than others in a way to create new, successful and powerful opportunities of learning.
Keywords: e-learning project; education; learning 2.0; higher education;

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