DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.09

Authors: Ji-yong Kwon, Young-Jin Oh, In-Kwon Lee


We propose a stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) rendering engine for two-dimensional (2D) games. Our system provides automatic conversion of a planar sprite into a volumetric sprite in order to avoid the cardboard effect. Additionally, our system can automatically assign the depth value of each sprite, and the production rules of stereoscopic 3D scenes are used to automatically generate the parallax value of each sprite from a given depth value.

Thus, our system can provide a comfortable view for human visual systems. An experimental 2D game was implemented and two user surveys were performed to prove the effectiveness of our rendering engine. The survey results proved that the participants preferred the game scene rendered by our engine to a normal 2D game scene.

Keywords: Stereoscopic 3D; 2D game; Rendering engine; Production rule

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