DOI: 10.5176/2382-5677_PYTT13.28

Authors: Liping Tang


The goal of the paper is to explore the epistemic conditions for games. That is, what kind of information do we need to make a better decision? As we have known, in single person's decision problems, it is always beneficial to gain more information if the information is cost free and there is no moral hazard. While in games, things are getting more complicated. The jury selection game I shall consider in this paper is a good model on how information can influence your decisions. Intuitively, we would like to have more information and more chances. However, in this game, I can show that when these two factors information and chances interact together, we sometimes prefer to have less information and fewer chances. Moreover, not only the information can influence your attitudes on the amount of opportunities but also the actions of controlling the information and the ways you control the information can become useful strategies in this game.

Keywords: Jury Selection, Information, Regularity, Common Knowledge

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