DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.55

Authors: Mehdi Asgarkhani

Abstract: This paper elaborates on the outcome of a study of a pilot group of e-learning initiatives. This is the outcome of a Phase II of a study initiated in 2010. In Phase I, based on review of literature within the last decade (on strategic value of e-learning solutions) and a number of cases studies, a model for strategic evaluation of e-learning solutions was established. In Phase II, a pilot study of 12 projects was completed – to evaluate the model and establish a fist impression of reality of e-learning solutions versus their claimed effectiveness in theory. The outcome of Phase II shows that the model can be used effectively. What’s more, the 12 initiatives analyzed suggest that there is no conclusive evidence on having achieved strategic effectiveness as defined by the model.
Keywords: e-Learning, Strategic Value of e-Learning, Strategic Evaluation Model

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