DOI: 10.5176/2251-2098_EMG08

Authors: Rifelly Dewi Astuti, Fanny Martdianty

Abstract: This research will evaluate the theory of planned behavior from Fishbein and Ajzen to find out university students’ intention becoming entrepreneurs, consist of: first, the perception of university’s students towards entrepreneurial attitude, second, students’ perceived behavior control towards the entrepreneurial itself, third the students’ subjective norm toward entrepreneurship, and finally the students’ intention to become entrepreneurs. The research will use quantitative research will be conducted using surveys. The findings are: the theory of planned behavior is significantly proven could be predicted the students’ intention becoming entrepreneurs simultaneously in 6 (six) universities, whereas subjective norm is the most powerful variable to form the model. Partially in each of universities the model has significantly different impact, whereas the model only worked significantly in UGM and Unhas. Meanwhile in Unair, USU, and Unand some variables did not have significant influenced, and in UI the model significantly proven could not predict the UI students’ intention becoming entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Intention, Theory of Planned Behavior, Entrepreneurial Attitude, University Students, Universities in Indonesia.

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