DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.87

Authors: Prahlad Prasad, Jigyashu Dewangan


The performance of a reinforced concrete (RC) structure when blast load is applied from either side of the building is analyzed in this paper. 1 tonne of explosive is charged from a distance of 30m to each building problem (studied). For the above charge and stand-off distance, characteristics blast are calculated using the background of IS:4991-1968. 2 models are analyzed (3 storey and 5 storey) for the same. Also the change in the performance of structure by the introduction of negative phase of shock wave is presented. Comparative analysis is done among all above (b/w 3 storey and 5 storey, b/w narrower and wider face, consideration and nonconsideration of negative phase of shock wave) and is presented in the form of and parameters of charts.

Keywords: Blast Loading,Impulsive Loading, Duhamel’s Integral.

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