DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.55

Authors: Meihua Chen and Fengping Guo

Abstract: This article introduces a research-oriented course. To meet the requirements of the English teaching reforms advocated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, this course aims to improve the students’ comprehensive skills in both English and doing research as well as their cultural qualities. Therefore it is likely for students to satisfy the College English Curriculum Requirements at a high level by means of reinforcing the role a learner plays in the learning process. The research-oriented course is theoretically supported by theories of research-oriented courses, constructivism and humanism. This article elaborates the different stages of the course from preparation to implementation, analysis and perfection. Feedbacks from teachers and students are also analyzed and discussed with a view to better and promote the course.

Keywords: College English; research-oriented course; teaching reforms


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