DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.40

Authors: Wu Wenying, Liu Wen and Hong Xiaonan

Abstract: WeChat, as the most popular instant messenger software in China, has a huge group of users. WeChat Moments is the most common-used function among all various functions. So, WeChat Moments procurement services rapidly developed in new media environment. It was found that WeChat Users keep different attitudes toward Procurement services advertisements on WeChat Moments. Interview and questionnaire methods were utilized to get precise data and prove the exisitance of the Third Person Effect. 7 interviewees and 359 respondents were involved in this research. From the interview result and quantitative analysis, the Third Person Effect was obviously found from the 3 aspects which were supposed in this study. Different from other communication theory in previous studies, application of the Third Person Effect theory in this study provides a new perspective for new media and WeChat researches. It will also help forthcoming researchers to go on study on more complicated interpersonal communication and information spreading in China.

Keywords: new media, WeChat Moments, procurement serviceļ¼Œthe Third Person Effect


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