DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.50

Authors: Heba Fasihuddin, Geoff Skinner and Rukshan Athauda

Abstract: This paper provides an overview, discussion and details of a proposed conceptual framework and platform that aims to make e-learning more open, flexible and enjoyable process. The purpose of the proposed platform is to integrate learning materials from different learning providers and provide them to the interested learners from all over the world. Such an aim can be achieved by using the cloud architecture, as the cloud concept allows the integration of different services from different providers forming a virtual environment that is capable to serve enormous number of users. We have termed this conceptual framework CALC as it is an accurate acronym representation of the actual purpose of the work. That is, to foster Collaborative Adaptive Learning in the Cloud.
Keywords: eLearniing; adaptive; cloud;collaborative learning;

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